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The first Direct Metal Laser Sintering technology designed for the jewellery industry.

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In the jewellery and watch-making industries, there will be some ideas that are possible, some that are too expensive or difficult to execute and some that are simply impossible to make real.

All that is about to change.

Because now, by virtue of a new-partnership between Cooksongold, a leading global supplier of precious metals for jewellery and watch-making, and EOS, the global market leader in e-manufacturing solutions, previously impossible jewellery and watch-making ideas can be turned into reality for the first time through the first ever Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology designed for the jewellery and watch-making industries.

Cooksongold in partnership with EOS are presenting the Precious M 080 Laser Sintering Machine, which has been designed around the needs of the watch and jewellery industry to ensure ideal conditions and management of precious metal powder and parts.

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An end-to-end solution, endless possibilities

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Mission possible.

Designs that were previously too time consuming to be commercially viable can now be transformed from the most complex concept to fine finished product in a single day without the need for a laborious production process and with the ability to build prototypes, test and change the design rapidly without the requirement for tooling, moulds or milling path programming.

  • E-manufacturing means fast, flexible, and cost-effective production of jewellery and watchcases directly from electronic data.
  • Creating, and customizing, signature designs and making the impossible possible.
  • Highly complex three-dimensional geometries in precious metals can be built efficiently and fully automatically.
  • Liberates designers from the restrictions of conventional manufacturing technologies, enabling the creation of three dimensional tempering systems for tooling applications.
  • Provides the capability to manufacture in a lightweight hollow form designs which could only previously be executed solid, achieving significant savings on raw materials.
  • 3-D geometry data such as a CAD file or scan data is sliced into layers by the EOS software with the DMLS machine building up the required geometry by solidifying the precious metal powder layer by layer using the energy of a focussed laser beam.
  • E-manufacturing, already extensively used in industries such as Medical, Dental & Robotics, can now be used to produce both luxury bespoke jewellery and mass produced jewellery components.
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