Direct Metal 3D Printing for the Jewellery and Watchmaking Industries

Direct Metal 3D Printingfor the Jewellery and Watchmaking Industries

An Integrated System

The M 080 is the only precious metal 3D printer that has been built specifically for the jewellery and watchmaking industry. When used with the Advanced Metal Powders developed by Cooksongold, results in a turnkey 3D printing process. The powders have been optimised to work inside the M 080, which in turn has been developed with the two key criteria in mind, accountability of the materials and quick changeover times between jobs and metals.

This supply chain cycle, Process-Machine-Powder, provides clients with a single point of contact for the technology and is unique in the jewellery and watchmaking industry.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology.
From concept to ready to finish part in a day.

File preparation

An STL file is produced from CAD file or scan data. The part is orientated in the direction it will be built, and support structures are generated. The 3D data is then sliced into 2D layers by the EOS RP Tools software.

Building layer by layer

The DMLS process then builds the part layer by layer through melting and solidifying the fine precious metal powder using a focused laser beam.

Round the clock process

Once underway, the process can run around the clock without any need for operator intervention.

Mission possible

It’s not from a purely design perspective that this remarkable new technology makes the impossible possible.

Complex designs that were previously simply too time-consuming to be commercially viable can now be transformed from concept to ready to finish product in a single day, without the need for a laborious production process.

It also brings the ability to rapidly build prototypes, test and change the design, without the requirement for tooling or moulds.

In addition, the capability to manufacture designs in a lightweight hollow form that could only previously be executed solid, can deliver significant savings on raw materials.

The Direct Metal 3D printing process

3D geometry

Application of a layer of powder

Powder is solidified in to a cross-section of the model

Building platform is lowered

The next layer of powder is applied

The process repeats itself until the part is complete

Loose powder is removed

Ready to finish part