Your experts in Precious Metal Additive Manufacturing

Your experts in Precious Metal Additive Manufacturing


Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) system.

A system for the additive manufacturing of precious metal products for the production of prototype parts and end products. Precious Metal Additive Manufacturing is a ground-breaking technology from Cooksongold and EOS, deigned with your industry in mind. Providing the quickest-ever route from product concept to launch.

About the PRECIOUS M 080.

The PRECIOUS M 080 produces top-quality, ready to finish metal parts direct from three-dimensional CAD data. Designs can be realised in only a few hours without the investment of tooling. The Additive Manufacturing process builds the parts layer by layer, melting fine metal powder with a laser to create extremely complex geometries such as freeform surfaces, hollow sections and articulating parts.

It is equipped with a 100-watt fibre laser, which provides exceptional beam quality and power stability. This guarantees optimum and consistent processing conditions in order to produce the highest quality parts.

The PRECIOUS M 080 system is designed to facilitate powder handling and the removal of manufactured components.

It is designed with a powder management process that ensures full accountability of the valuable powders and providing quick metal changeover through its cartridge-based system.

The system possesses a small laser spot size with excellent detail resolution, allowing the creation of even the finest structures.

It facilitates the processing of an increasing range of precious metals in addition to the standard non-precious metal alloys such as titanium.

The process software contains many intelligent exposure strategies and features to enable the optimisation and adaptation of the build process for various material types and applications.

The PRECIOUS M 080 has a range of precious metal powder alloys with optimised parameter sets.

The system can be adapted to different requirements with a variety of options and additional equipment available. Achieving maximum productivity automatically.

Cooksongold and EOS offer a number of intuitive and user-friendly software packages for processing CAD data and for ensuring the production of parts

Technical data

Building volume - Ø80mm x 90mm
Precision optics - F-theta-lens, high-speed scanner
Focus diameter - Less than 30μm
Power consumption - maximum 2.5kW


(B x D x H) - 800mm x 950mm x 2250mm
Recommended instal space - min 1m x 3m x 2.5m
Weight - 580kg
Laser type - Yb-fibre laser, 100W
Scan speed - Up to 7.0m/s (23 ft./sec)
Power supply - 200 - 240v socket or fixed connection
External gas supply - 5 bar operating pressure recommended

Data preparation

Software - EOS RP Tools, EOSPRINT
CAD interface - STL
Network - Fast Ethernet