Direct Metal 3D Printing for the Jewellery and Watchmaking Industries

Direct Metal 3D Printingfor the Jewellery and Watchmaking Industries


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Cooksongold provides comprehensive training modules to support our DMLS technology. With machine operation focused on operator training of the M 080 machine and design training focused on teaching designers the basic rules and design criteria for successful DMLS part production. Please contact Cooksongold for more information.

Cooksongold and EOS

An end-to-end solution, endless possibilities.

This end-to-end manufacturing solution, created for the jewellery and watchmaking industries through the partnership of Cooksongold and EOS, is unique in the market today.

As a leading global supplier of fabricated precious metals, gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys, powder, wire, sheet, tubing and casting grain, Cooksongold knows everything there is to know about handling and manipulating these materials. In addition, Cooksongold is able to develop new materials and alloys to suit our customers’ requirements.

While Electro Optical Systems (EOS) has established itself as the undisputed global market leader in application-optimised solutions for product development, having been involved in the application of DMLS technology in many industry sectors throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

Mission possible

It’s not from a purely design perspective that this remarkable new technology makes the impossible possible.

Designs that were previously simply too time-consuming to be -commercially viable can now be transformed from the most complex concept into products that are ready to be finished in a single day without the need for a laborious production process and with the ability to build prototypes and test and change the design rapidly without the requirement for tooling or moulds.

While the capability to manufacture in a lightweight hollow form those designs which could only previously be executed solid can deliver significant savings on raw materials.