Your experts in Precious Metal Additive Manufacturing

Your experts in Precious Metal Additive Manufacturing

Trial your concept

Have a design you think is ideal for Direct Precious Metal 3D printing? Then contact us today.

How to trial your concept

How to trial your concept

1. Read the design guidelines document for hints and tips and best practice for working with the DMLS technology. Click here to download your copy.

2. Once you have a design that follows our guidelines using our secure We Transfer site upload your latest design safely and securely to us. We accept STL files.

3. Once uploaded, we'll review your design and provide a quote within 48 hours.

4. Upon approval of the quote we'll turn your design from concept to reality in just one day.

Alternatively call the experts on +44 (0) 121 233 8192 who will guide you through the process.

The Direct Metal 3D printing process

3D geometry

Application of a layer of powder

Powder is solidified in to a cross-section of the model

Building platform is lowered

The next layer of powder is applied

The process repeats itself until the part is complete

Loose powder is removed

Ready to finish part